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  • SummerSkills Week 1 - Humanities
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  • SummerSkills Week 2 - Math and Sciences
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  • College Counseling "Boot Camp" for Seniors
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  • Boston Red Sox Outing For Alumni
    “I Can’t Wait! This event is always a blast. GO SOX!” - Scott Prenovitz, ‘97

    Attention Alumni! Please join the CH-CH community on Tuesday, July 29 at 7:10 p.m. to watch the Boston Red Sox take on the Toronto Blue Jays! We will be watching from the Bud Deck (over the Pesky Pole in right field). Please note: This is private standing area at Fenway Park! Tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis at a cost of $30.00 per ticket. If you are interested in attending, please purchase your ticket(s) as soon as possible. Tickets can be purchased through check, cash or credit card: Sorry, we cannot reserve tickets. Tickets will be mailed to the address you provide on the payment form (www.chch.org/onlinegiving) or if you prefer, you may pick up your tickets at the development office (Emery House) on campus.

    If you are interested in attending or have questions, please contact Director of Alumni Relations Ben Rogers at 781-314-0810 or brogers@chch.org.

    We hope you can join us for an evening of fun and Red Sox Baseball!
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  • Congratulations to the Class of 2014!
    On May 31st, Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School held its 186th commencement ceremony. Congratulations to the forty-one graduates of the class of 2014! Dr. Siri Akal Khalsa delivered the commencement address. Our Salutatorian was Phu Doan Pham, and our Valedictorian was Eun Pyo Lee.

    Link to Photos (including NEW diploma photos!)
    Link to Video

    During his address, Dr. Khalsa spoke to graduates about the importance of work and taking risks in life.

    “If your path is the right one, as you travel it, it will express your essence as a human being,” said Dr. Khalsa. “Find the path with a heart, and follow it; that is how you will become the human being you were designed to be.”

    In his closing remarks, Head of School Lance Conrad urged students to not be afraid as they journey into the world.

    “We hope that we have taught you to flourish and to spread your wings as far as they can reach,” said Conrad. “And as you leave campus later this afternoon, it is our hope that you will feel empowered to fight for social justice and equity in the world, for the common good.” 

    Congratulations to all of the graduates and the following award recipients: 

    Junior Graduation Prizes:
    Nancy Emery Award: Oluwa Shoyoye 
    Rensselaer Medal: Ximenes Zhou 
    Harvard Book Prize: Taylor Laroche

    Senior Departmental Prizes:
    The English Prize: Paige Osborne 
    The Donald Welch Social Studies Prize: Netanya Lebach 
    The Allen American Studies Prize: Phu Doan Pham 
    The Paul Economides Foreign Language Prize: Tonian Ortega 
    The Bishins-Strachman Economics Prize: Jason Hirsh 
    The Farnsworth Mathematics Prize: Phu Doan Pham 
    The Kurt Science Prize: E.P. Lee 
    The Lewis Clapp Science Prize: Chloe Briskin 
    The Performing Arts Prize: Emma Chonofsky 
    The Visual Arts Prize: Elizabeth Leary

    Senior Graduation Prizes:
    The José Rafael Arboleda Sportsmanship Award: Gordon Gao 
    The José Rafael Arboleda Sportswomanship Award: Brianna Moore 
    Siri Akal Singh Khalsa Award: Tonian Ortega 
    MIT Prize: Phu Doan Pham 
    Faculty Prizes: Gordon Gao, Grant Li, Brianna Moore, Katrina Wong, Vicky Zhao 
    School Spirit Award: Pat Burgard 
    Headmaster's Prize: Ben Cowen-Whitman 
    Worcester Prize: Chloe Briskin 
    Valedictorian: EP Lee 
    Salutatorian: Phu Doan Pham 
    CH-CH Society Prize: Ashley Foscaldo
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  • Students Inducted to National Honor Society
    On May 5th, Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School inducted ten students to the National Honor Society during an all-school assembly.  Each of the new inductees was introduced by a current NHS member from CH-CH, who spoke of each of their achievements.

    “NHS is a great way to acknowledge all of the work we’ve done,” said new inductee Hannah Sarnie ’16. “And I look forward to going on to doing many more great things.”

    The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in 1921 (www.nhs.us).

    2014 NHS Inductees:
    Nelson Andrade
    Jazmine Crewe
    Jiabao Cui
    Gillary Garcia
    Taylor Laroche
    Eleanor Maybury
    Hannah Sarnie
    Oluwagbemiro Shoyoye
    Junjie Tan
    Jiaqian Zhu
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  • Celebrating the Legacy of Dr. Siri Akal Khalsa
    More than 200 members of the CH-CH community gathered in the Beaver Gymnasium on Saturday, April 5, 2014 to honor the career and celebrate the legacy of Dr. Siri Akal Khalsa at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall. Parents, alumni, trustees, city officials, and friends came together to pay tribute to Siri Akal’s contributions to CH-CH during his 14-year tenure. 
    Dean of Faculty Cindy Ludlam shared her gratitude for Siri Akal’s mentoring, and credited the School’s evolution as the premier multiple intelligences secondary school to his vision and leadership.  Head of School Lance Conrad announced the creation of the Khalsa Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning as a way to perpetuate Siri Akal’s ideals, and screened a video (http://youtu.be/zowYjNaJgxg) showing the ways in which the Center, scheduled to open in fall, 2014, will serve as a hub for academic innovation on campus.  In her remarks, Board of Trustees Chair Anna Colton praised Siri Akal for his commitment to our students, and, quoting from Ithaka, C.P. Cavafy’s classic poem about one’s journey of discovery in life, expressed her appreciation for his tenure at CH-CH.
    To learn more about the Khalsa Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, please go to www.chch.org/khalsacenter.  To make a gift in honor of Dr. Khalsa and support the Khalsa Center, simply go online to www.chch.org/donateonline
    We will miss you, “Dr. K”, but your legacy of innovation will live on here at CH-CH!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all that you have done to advance the School and the many talented individuals working and learning around you over the past 14 years.  It has been a personal and professional privilege to partake in our unique shared leadership model over the past five years.  I cannot begin to express my gratitude for your patience and guidance as we have worked tirelessly to develop the most remarkable of schools.

    -Lance Conrad
     Head of School
     April 5, 2014
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  • Alumni Spotlight: Meet Patience Marks '11
    Former CH-CH student body president Patience Marks ‘11 is currently in her junior year at Boston College, where she was recently awarded the 2014 Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship. This scholarship is given to a student who educates others to help eradicates racism of all kinds through working toward understanding, appreciating, and celebrating its cultural diversity.
    In addition, this Committee strives to honor Dr. King's memory by recognizing and encouraging the development of future leadership at Boston College through a scholarship in his name.
    Patience is a degree candidate in nursing and is also a peer counselor.
    To learn more about Patience and this award click here:
    Our alumni continue to do great things. Please keep us informed with what you are doing!
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  • CH-CH Students Awarded ‘Seeds for Education’ Grant
    Ms. Shipley’s Biology class has been hard at work on a project that will soon have a very real impact on the CH-CH campus.  Her students worked together to create a proposal that was awarded the Wild Ones: Native Plants, Natural Landscapes ‘Seeds for Education’ grant.  The mission of Wild Ones is to promote environmentally sound landscaping practices and to preserve biodiversity through the preservation, restoration and establishment of native plant communities (http://www.wildones.org/about-us-2).

    Shipley assigned the grant project to her Biology students, who held various roles throughout the creation of the proposal including: Project Manager, Botanist, Zoologist, and Landscape Designer. 

    “Each group developed their own proposal of what they could do with the grant money,” said Shipley.  “Their goal was to create a landscaping plan for the walkway to the Commons using native plants.”

    Each of the groups’ plans was then presented to a panel of judges which included: Al Umina from the CH-CH Building and Grounds department, Sarah Forrester a CH-CH Trustee and Landscape Architect, and Jim McManus from the Wagon Wheel Nursery and Farmstand in Lexington. 

    “It was really important for everyone to work as a team on this project,” said McManus.  “And working with native plants means they had to really think outside of the box.”

    Instead of picking one winning plan, several key aspects of each were merged into one, which became their submitted project.  The students then worked together to write and submit the completed grant proposal, creating a real-world learning experience. 

    “There are many challenges when working on a real-world project such as this,” said Shipley. “But the students love working on something that is real, and learning how to work together to create solutions is an invaluable lesson.”

    The class recently learned that their project was selected to receive the ‘Seeds for Education’ grant, and they are excited to bring their project to life by planting this May.
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  • Experiential Learning: Spring Session Preview
    This spring, CH-CH students will be going behind the scenes at Disney World, kayaking down the Charles River, taking the stage at a comedy improvisation workshop, exploring New Orleans and much more as part of this year’s Spring Session. 

    Spring Session takes place during the last week of May, and consists of a variety of experiences that will allow students to engage in an area of interest. Spring Session is an experiential learning program that was designed and created by teachers at CH-CH.  Teachers wanted to give students the opportunity to absorb themselves in topics that they are truly passionate about.

    “Last year was our inaugural year of the Spring Session initiative.  Through feedback from students, teachers and a small group of parents, we consider it a successful program launch,” said Lance Conrad, Head of School.  “It really gave students a chance to explore their interests, build bonds with their friends and teachers and, of course, have some fun.”

    This year, Spring Session experiences will possibly include:
    • Quilting for Children’s Hospital
    • Kayaking and fishing on the Charles River
    • Trip to Puerto Rico for cultural exposure and language practice
    • Discovering Yourself: Indoor/Outdoor Fitness, Yoga, Art and Writing
    • Walt Disney World educational programs
    • Taking Comedy Seriously: The Art and Value of Improvisation
    • Circus Arts at Esh Aerial Arts Studio
    • Creative Writing Workshop
    • Tinkering: reverse engineering and learning how things works
    • Trip to Montreal: culture and history of the region
    • Movies as Literature and Art
    • The Origins of Sci-Fi
    • Broadway Theater Workshop - Trip to N.Y.C.
    • Battle Sites of the Revolutionary War
    • The Art, Music and Food of New Orleans
    Earlier in the school year, students were given the option to choose from among eighteen potential experiences.  Each experience is designed and chaperoned by CH-CH faculty and staff members.  The experiences all have an educational component.  For example, students going to Walt Disney World will be taking part in the “Sustainable Practices in Wildlife Conservation” program at the Animal Kingdom.  Whereas students visiting Ticonderoga, NY will explore the sites where America turned the tide in the Revolutionary War.  
    For more information about our Spring Session program, please contact Cory Olcott, Director of Student Events, at colcott@chch.org. 
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  • Alumni Spotlight: Sandra Dickson '09
    After graduating from Chapel Hill - Chauncy Hall School in 2009, Sandra Dickson attended Boston College where she graduated with a degree in nursing in 2013. Currently, Sandra is enrolled in the New Graduate Nurse Residency Program at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. BC acclaims Sandra as one of their Most Memorable Graduating Seniors. With her hard work and success both in the classroom and in the community, we are proud to have Sandra as member of the CH-CH Alumni! 

    Click here to read about Sandra's achievements in the Boston College Chronicle.
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  • Spotlight on College Counseling
    With college applications being finalized and sent out by seniors, and juniors continuing to tour campuses around the country, college counseling is a constant topic of conversation at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School.  At the center of it all is Brooke Fincke, the Director of College Counseling.  Ms. Fincke works with CH-CH students throughout the entire process, from preparing for the SAT, to meeting with college representatives and completing and submitting final applications.

    “The process of preparing for college begins as early as freshman year,” said Ms. Fincke.  “By the time they hit senior year, they’ve already visited colleges, met with school representatives, and have a solid understanding of how to narrow down the field of three-thousand colleges into the six or ten they’re really passionate about. Our goal is that students are focused on finding the right fit and sharing their voice and experience with the colleges they want to attend.” 

    One benefit available to CH-CH students through the college counseling office is personal visits from college representatives.  Throughout the school year, an average of fifty college representatives will visit the college counseling office to engage with students in small groups and answer questions.   These meetings give students the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of schools, and truly understand what they have to offer. 

    “The college visits were very informative,” said alumni Emilee Purdy.  “During the normal, large college tours, I wasn’t able to ask a lot of the questions that I had.  With the college representatives coming to us at CH-CH we never had more than five people in a meeting, and I was able to get answers to all the questions I had.”

    Between the college counseling office, 75 minute classes, and teacher’s daily office hours, the process of preparing for college is happening every day at CH-CH:

    “The students at CH-CH aren’t just learning in the classroom, they’re learning outside of the classroom as well,” said Ms. Fincke.  “That mimics exactly what students are going to find when they enter academically rigorous programs in college, where conversations are going to continue in the dorm room, in their internships, and in clubs and activities.”

    To learn more about college counseling at CH-CH and see our matriculation list, visit www.chch.org/collegecounseling.

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  • Dr. Howard Gardner Visits CH-CH
    On October 17th, Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School welcomed Dr. Howard Gardner to our campus.  Dr. Gardner’s groundbreaking work in human understanding and the multiple intelligences is the basis of CH-CH’s educational philosophy: We teach the way students learn.  Dr. Gardner enjoyed his time visiting classes, meeting with faculty, trustees and the administrative team, and addressing the school during assembly.

    “When something is important, try to teach it lots of different ways,” Dr. Gardner told the CH-CH community.  “Text books are fine, but not everybody learns best from text books.  iPads, hands-on, works of art, debate, humor, graphics, and video, the more different ways you can teach something, the more likely it is to get in there, stay in there, and be useful.”

    After visiting classes and speaking to the CH-CH community, Dr. Gardner met with teachers and administrators to talk about his theories and their use in the classroom.

    “He is such an incredibly influential thinker in the field of education,” said English Teacher Cory Olcott.  “His work has helped teachers reframe their lesson plans, and look at things from the prospective of the students.  And his ideas about the use of technology in the classroom are really where the future of multiple intelligences is going.”

    Dr. Howard Gardner is the Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  He is a leading thinker of education and human development, and he has studied and written extensively about intelligence, creativity, leadership, and professional ethics.  His latest bookThe App Generation: How Today’s Youth Navigate Identity, Intimacy, and Imagination in a Digital World, will be released next week.

    To learn more about Dr. Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, take a test to discover your own learning styles, and see how MI comes to life in the CH-CH classrooms visit www.chch.org/multipleintelligences
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